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Super Bowl Sunday: Prop Bets For You

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Touchdown! (She's not really signaling touchdown.)
Touchdown! (She's not really signaling touchdown.)
Martin Rose

For some people, Super Bowl Sunday is about football. For some, it's about parties. For some, it's about the commercials. And, for some, it's even about the Puppy Bowl.

(Don't sleep on the Puppy Bowl. It's a pretty cool thing to watch.)

One of the really fun things about Super Bowl Sunday. . .and something that can truly please your inner degenerate, if you're in to it. . .is the fact that you can bet on pretty much anything you want connected to the Super Bowl. Sure, you can bet on the outcome of the game or who will win the MVP award. . .but that's boring. If you really feel like going crazy this afternoon. . .and if you're somewhere that you can do it legally. . .here are some of the different things that you can bet on, courtesy of our friends at Bovada.

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How long will it take Alicia Keys to sing the National Anthem?

The over/under for this one is two minutes and ten seconds. A bet on the "under" is at +135, meaning that you would have to bet $135 in order to make $100. "Over" is at -175, which means that a $100 bet would win you $175. (Money lines are explained in a bit more detail right here.) So, the odds at the moment are pointing to "Under." I think that's a pretty safe bet.

You can also bet on whether or not Alicia Keys will omit or forget at least one word of the anthem. "Yes" is currently at +250, while "No" is at -400.

How many times will "Harbaugh" be said during the game?

The over/under for this one is 23.5. We might hit that before halftime. Vegas seems to think that "Over" is the smart play here, as it's currently at -150, while "under" is at +120.

What color will the Gatorade™ that gets dumped on the winning coach be?

Yes, this is a thing. Here are the odds for each:

Yellow: Even (1/1)
Clear/Water: 11/4
Orange: 15/4
Red: 5/1
Blue: 15/2
Green: 10/1

Who will the game's Most Valuable Player thank first?

See, this one is kind of a two-parter. . .first, you have to determine who you think the MVP is going to be, and then try to get into their head to determine who they're going to thank and in what order. Here are the current odds:

Teammates: 8/5
God: 2/1
Coach: 12/1
Family: 15/1
Owner: 20/1
Doesn't thank anyone: 3/2

Not sure why the odds on "Won't thank anyone" are so favorable. . .I'd find it almost impossible to believe that would be the case, regardless of who wins it.

Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday, ladies and gentlemen! We'll have more for you as the day goes on.