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Your Super Bowl XLVII Open Thread

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Date: 3 February 2013
Location: Bountyville, USA
Time: 5:30 PM Central Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Radio: A whole lot of places
TV Announcers: Jim Nantz
Phil Simms
Know The Combatants: Niners Nation
Baltimore Beatdown
Chris' Prediction: 49ers 27, Ravens 24
Final Score:

Well, everyone, here we are. In a few hours, a new champion will be crowned, and the 2012-13 NFL season will officially be over. It's been a great season for fans of the Minnesota Vikings, and it will be an even greater season for the fans of either the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers when everything is said and done this evening.

At least one former Viking will get a ring this evening. Will it be Randy Moss with the Niners, or will it be Matt Birk and Bryant McKinnie with the Ravens? Can Colin Kaepernick handle the brightest spotlight of his life? For that matter, can Joe Flacco? Will Ray Lewis (and possibly Matt Birk. . .and possibly even Ed Reed) ride off into the sunset with the Lombardi Trophy?

Those questions and more will be answered soon enough, folks. . .kickoff is about 90 minutes away (though I'm guessing we've all been watching pre-game stuff all day, for the most part), so hang out with your fellow Vikings fans right here if you're not already occupied.