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Super Bowl Commercials: Which Was Your Favorite?

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Yeah, it's not a commercial. But that's okay. . .I needed a different picture.
Yeah, it's not a commercial. But that's okay. . .I needed a different picture.

One of the biggest parts of the Super Bowl for most people. . .particularly those that aren't necessarily wrapped up in the football aspect. . .are the commercials. As the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event on the American calendar, networks can charge outrageous rates for the advertising (which is now up to $4 million for a 30-second spot). So, the advertising bigwigs of America attempt to put together their best new ads to get people talking about their product, since they'll be attracting more eyes now than during any other time of the year.

Now, being outside of the Continental United States at the present time, I got to watch the Super Bowl on the American Forces Network, or AFN. As the Department of Defense can't be seen as endorsing specific products, they are not allowed to show any commercials. Ever. Not even Super Bowl Sunday. Instead, we get a lot of public service announcements and things like this:

Although, to AFN's credit, they did break out some new stuff, including Vikings' tight end Kyle Rudolph telling people "Welcome to the 8th Army" in a spot that appears to have been taped at the Pro Bowl last week. If that gets up on YouTube anywhere, I'll throw it out there.

So, with that in mind, I pretty much had to wait until after the game was over, dig around the internet, and find the commercials that aired tonight. After having done so, I've found some that I particularly liked.

Ram Trucks - Farmer

Having grown up in a rural area and knowing a lot of people that are just like this, I think it's pretty cool that they get a salute like this. That and Paul Harvey's voice is still awesome.

Milk Mustache, featuring The Rock

Finally, the Rock HAS COME BACK. . .to SUPER Bowl. . .COMMERCIALS!

Actually, I'm not sure if he's ever done commercials prior to this, but this one's pretty good.

Tide - Miracle Stain

This one was pretty good, too, in my opinion. . .makes you think about how you'd react to the same thing happening to you.

So, which commercials did you like the most out of all the ones shown during last night's game? Feel free to discuss them and throw in some links to your own right here.