Ted's Needs, a Mock Draft

Anyone that’s been reading the DN for a while knows that Ted Glover rarely (if ever?) posts any mock drafts during the off-season. However, within the past 2 days he has posted his team “needs” for offense, defense and special teams. He gave us a pretty handy-dandy ranking system. Feel free to correct me Ted, but I took it upon myself to map that rating system onto the various rounds of the NFL Draft to give us the following:

Very High Need = Round 1 Pick
High Need = Round 1 or 2 Pick
Medium High Need = Round 2 or 3 Pick
Medium Need = Round 3 – 5 Pick
Medium Low Need = Round 5 or 6 Pick
Low Need = Rounds 6 or 7 Pick
Very Low Need = Not Drafted

Unfortunately, because of the ties in Ted’s rankings (LB and WR both as High; TE and S both as Medium; DT and OG both as Medium Low), I had to fudge things a bit. Technically, WR and LB should both go in the 1st or 2nd round as they are ranked "high", but since he’s also got CB as “Very High” and occupying the 1st round, that isn’t possible. Since he also doesn’t have anyone labeled as “Medium High” I decided to push LB into the 3rd round. This was a judgement call, since he labeled the LB need simply as “High” but labeled WR as “High. Real high. Like Cheech and Chong high.” I took that to me that he feels WR should be ahead of LB, so that's how I broke the tie. Also, while he technically has RB, and Special Teams ranked as "low" he qualifies that to the point where I took it to mean "very low." So, to recap Ted’s Needs post, this is a positional needs list mapped onto the Vikings 2013 Draft Picks as best as I can tell:

Round 1: CB
Round 2: WR
Round 3: LB
Round 4: S
Round 4: TE
Round 5: DT
Round 7: OG
Round 7: QB
Positions Not Addressed In Draft: OT, C, RB/FB, DE, Special Teams

So, if you’re with me so far, I used’s Draft Prospect Rankings as my pretend big board, and I went ahead and selected the players most closely ranked to the Vikings pick on the big board, without going higher than the Vikings actual pick. For example, in the 3rd round, I looked for a LB that was ranked closest to #85 overall without going over, and the highest ranked LB turned out to be Jelani Jenkins at #93. So anyway, the following is a mock draft based solely on Ted’s positional needs from the mapped list above:

Round 1, Pick #23: CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State, 6’1” 217

Round 2, Pick #54: WR Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech, 6’0” 202

Round 3, Pick #85: OLB Jelani Jenkins, Florida, 6’0” 237

Round 4, Pick #101: SS Jonathan Cyprien, Florida International, 6’0” 209

Round 4, Pick #119: TE Vance McDonald, Rice, 6’4” 262

Round 5, Pick #150: DT Kwame Geathers, Georgia, 6’5” 355

Round 7, Pick #199: OG Sam Brenner, Utah, 6’2” 307

Round 7, Pick #215: QB Jordan Rodgers, Vanderbilt, 6’1” 212

If I were to make this a complete off-season plan, then I would probably look to free agency to further bolster the “very high” and “high” positional needs that Ted identified like CB, WR and LB. But anyway, whether or not you agree with Ted’s highlighting of team needs, how does the draft look to you? Would it significantly improve the Viking’s chances in 2013? Should Ted just go ahead and make a mock draft of his own to add to the pile? Should I just show myself out?

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