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Your Wednesday Open Thread

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Sorry, folks. . .getting this one kicked off a little bit later than usual. Been a little on the busy side with real life stuff the past couple of days, but we've still had plenty of good stuff for you. Yesterday. . .

-Kyle opined about whether or not the success of John Harbaugh. . .a former special teams coach. . .could mean big things for current Minnesota Vikings' special teams coach Mike Priefer

-Also that Matt Birk, former Viking and Minnesota native, thinks that our favorite football team isn't that far away from hoisting a Lombardi Trophy of their own

-And, if you have the heart, the guts. . .and, most importantly, the spare time. . .to partake in a crazy new form of fantasy football, Arif has opened up signups for such a league

Another day, and another open thread, ladies and gentlemen. With that comes more ambient music from another of Minnesota's favorite sons.

Rules are the same as they ever were, folks. . .no politics, no religion, and keep the naughty words to a minimum.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Wednesday, folks. Keep an eye out for more Vikings' news and opinions, and if anything huge happens, we'll be bringing it to you in short order.