so Rick Spielman says we have 9 picks...

Rick Spielman was on KFAN for an hour today with PA and Charch (podcast here).

He talked about a lot -- and in traditional Rick Spielman fashion didn't really say much -- but it's still a good listen, especially at the end when John Sullivan stops in.

I found this little nugget interesting (fast-forward to ~06:45 in the podcast):

"We had so many picks last year, and so that gives you an opportunity to be able to move up and down in the draft. In fact this year, we have 9 picks heading into this draft ..."

Pretty much everyone had speculated (through various outlets) that we gave up both of our 6th round picks in the Jefferson trade with Arizona, leaving us with only 8 picks -- that must be news to Spielman:

"... we did use that 6th [from the Titans] to flop with Arizona to get AJ Jefferson this year, but we still have our original 6th."

He also hinted (~19:00) that they may not be done...

"... hopefully we're going to have 10 or 11 [picks] ..."

I'm not sure how many (if any) compensatory picks we'll have. Do you smell draft day moves, or the dishing of players?? (Or both??)

Either way, very exciting to know Spielman will keep things interesting!!

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