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Rams Interview Singletary For Defensive Coordinator Job

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The St. Louis Rams are searching for a new defensive coordinator. In late January, they had apparently hired former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan before deciding not to hire him, presumably because Ryan kept accusing Jeff Fisher of stealing his rug.

Don't laugh. . .that rug really tied the room together, man.

In any event, the search for the Rams continues, and today they brought in Vikings assistant to the regional manager head coach Mike Singletary to interview for the position.

Interestingly, in his coaching career, Singletary has yet to hold the position of defensive coordinator. He was the linebackers coach for both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers before becoming the Niners' interim head coach during the 2008 season. After being fired by the Niners following the 2010 season, he joined the staff of Leslie Frazier (who he was teammates with during the 80s with the Chicago Bears), once again as the linebackers coach.

Singletary keeps getting job interviews. . .he interviewed for the head coaching job in Chicago before the Bears hired Marc Trestman. As I've said before, I'm still not really sure what his current function is with the Vikings. He's listed as the linebackers coach and special assistant to the head coach, but I'm not sure what either of those entails, particularly in light of the fact that the team still employs Fred Pagac to coach the linebackers as well.

Singletary seems like a pretty decent guy overall, and if he does get this job in St. Louis, hopefully it will suit him better than head coaching appears to have suited him. He's expressed an interest in wanting to be a head coach again, and this would be a step for him to potentially get there.