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The Mystery Of The Missing Sixth-Rounder

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So, rj-b brought this up in the FanPosts a little bit ago, and now I'm confused about this matter as well.

In mid-January, at a press conference (which is where the Dan Wiederer tweet embedded in that story there comes from), the team clarified their selections for the 2013 NFL Draft. According to the team at that date, the Vikings had one first-round pick, one second-round pick, one third-round pick, two fourth-round picks (having acquired an extra one from Detroit during the 2012 Draft), one fifth-round pick, no sixth-round picks, and one seventh-round pick for a total of eight.

The revelation of not having a pick in the sixth round was a bit of a mystery, as the Vikings had acquired an extra sixth-rounder from the Tennessee Titans during the 2012 selection meeting. It was speculated that they had given up one in the trade to acquire cornerback A.J. Jefferson from the Arizona Cardinals. . .but after those picks were released, it led many (including myself) to speculate that the Vikings had given up both of those sixth round selections to acquire Jefferson's services.

Now, according to Vikings' general manager Rick Spielman (courtesy of a KFAN interview with Paul Allen), the team has nine selections, not eight, citing the following:

". . .we did use that 6th [from the Titans] to flop with Arizona to get A.J. Jefferson this year, but we still have our original 6th."

The thing that's a bit confusing is that even the Vikings' official website says that the team is without a sixth-round selection in this year's draft, and also only shows the Vikings as having eight picks. I'm not sure if Spielman misspoke during the interview, or if the compensation in the A.J. Jefferson deal was not what was originally speculated.

Hopefully this will be cleared up a bit more in the coming days. The Minnesota Vikings have either eight or nine picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. . .that much we know for sure.