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NFL Free Agency: Mike Wallace To Miami Reportedly A "Done Deal"

Remember when the Minnesota Vikings were rumored to be a part of the chase for former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace? You should. . .we did a bunch of posts about it a few days ago.

Well, if the reports from are true, we can pretty safely forget about that.

According to the report, no team is "willing to make the financial investment" in Wallace that the Miami Dolphins are willing to make. That commitment would be along the lines of what Vincent Jackson got from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season, in the $11 million/year range. That would likely be far too rich for the Vikings' blood, and I'm not entirely sure if I blame Rick Spielman if that ends up being the case.

There was also this interesting tidbit from USA Today's Mike Garafolo via Twitter, which is something that could bode well for the Vikings.

If there aren't going to be a lot of stupid dollar figures being thrown around out there, the Vikings. . .who didn't figure to be big spenders anyway. . .could potentially be a bit more active in the free agency market than a lot of folks are anticipating.

Hopefully some news will start trickling out here before too much longer, but that's what we're looking at for now, folks.