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Report: Percy Harvin Traded To Seattle Seahawks

Multiple sources reporting now that Harvin to the Seahawks is pretty much done.

Say farewell to this.
Say farewell to this.
Jeff Gross

UPDATE THE FINAL: Final word on the pick for 2014. It's Seattle's third rounder. So total compensation is Seattle's first rounder and 7th rounder for 2013, and their 2014 third rounder. Well done, Rick Spielman.

UPDATE #2- Compensation, per Jay Glazer, is Seattle's 1st round (#25 overall) pick and "a" 7th round pick- they have 3 total and I'm having a helluva time finding what their exact positions are. There is also a "mid-round pick" next year, which to me means somewhere between a 3rd-5th depending on how much time and how well Harvin plays. Not a terrible trade I suppose, particularly considering a trade was apparently happening no matter what.

UPDATE #1- Scratch that 'pretty much' part- it IS a done deal. Harvin is on his way and will be a Seahawk pending a physical. Compensation still only stated thus far as 'draft picks'.

Multiple sources are now reporting, with considerable certainty and confidence, that the Minnesota Vikings are in the process of trading Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks. Supposedly it's about as done a deal as Mike Wallace to Miami, but even more importantly is the fact that if the deal falls through, then the Vikings are apparently intent to keep trying.

Love it, hate it, whatever- this is happening. I've been about as catastrophically wrong as a person can be throughout the entire Harvin situation; honestly, less than 1 hour ago I would have still argued that we would see him next season at the least in purple. But alas, at this point there's just no denying the reality of it all.

No word just yet on what the compensation would be. My guess is a second and third rounder but honestly, that's again entirely guesswork, and this from the guy who thought a.) Harvin would never be traded and b.) Wallace had a real shot of coming here, so take that with about a shaker full of salt.

We'll keep you all updated. Hell or high water- SKOL!