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Report: Harvin's Lack Of Confidence In Ponder Brought About Trade

Kevin C. Cox

Just saw this story from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. . .you remember him. He was the same guy that cited Percy Harvin's attitude problems that some folks freaked out about due to the use of "anonymous sources" and such. Looks like the guy was pretty accurate there. . .so, hey, let's look at what he has to say now that Harvin has been traded.

According to two sources, the straw that broke the Vikings' back with Harvin is when he bemoaned the fact that quarterback Christian Ponder, a 2011 first-round pick, was not good enough. That came even though Ponder consistently fed Harvin the ball.

Last season, Harvin had team highs of 62 catches for 677 yards, and added three touchdowns before suffering a season-ending injury in the Vikings' ninth game.

Now, Harvin goes to Seattle, which has wunderkind quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson not only pushed Robert Griffin III for Rookie of the Year this season, but also happens to have a lot in common with Harvin. Both are 24 and grew up in the eastern part of Virginia: Harvin from Virginia Beach and Wilson from Richmond.

Holy hell, you've got to be kidding me.

Percy Harvin was considered to be a dark horse MVP candidate, at the very least, through the first half of last season when, as Cole says, he had 62 catches and 667 yards.

Remind me. . .who was his quarterback for those games?

Was it Joe Webb? No.

Was it McLeod Bethel-Thompson? No.

Was it Brett Favre? No.

Was it Tarvaris Jackson? No.

I'd have to go back and look at the boxscores and the highlights and stuff, but I'm relatively sure that the Minnesota Vikings' quarterback for every game Harvin played last season was, in fact, Christian Ponder. Harvin seemed to be doing alright while Ponder was at quarterback last season. Seemed to do alright with Ponder at quarterback in 2011, too.

Who, exactly, did Harvin want quarterbacking this football team? Seriously?

Now, I'm sure this will simply add more fuel to the fire for the "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH CHRISTIAN PONDER IS HORRIBLE" folks, now that the team has decided to actually build around him. To which I say, "Tough noogies for you."

Percy Harvin is a fine football player, and his departure leaves a big hole for the Vikings to fill, to be certain. But if this is the way the guy was going to be, then Rick Spielman made the right move, particularly considering what he got in return.