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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 3/12

Stephen Brashear

It's free agency day, everybody! We'll have a separate free agency thread coming later on today, but hopefully this will be a good day for us as fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

In case you missed it yesterday. . .

-We asked if the Vikings would re-sign any of their in-house free agents

-We reported that former Pittsburgh Steelers' receiver Mike Wallace might already be signed, sealed, and delivered to the Miami Dolphins

Then I went to bed. . .and everything hit the fan.

-Kyle broke the story that wide receiver Percy Harvin had been traded to the Seattle Seahawks, and then later looked at what the Vikings would do about their wide receiver situation now

-Ted thinks that the Vikings made the best of a bad situation in getting what they got for Harvin

-It was then reported that the last straw for the Vikings was Harvin bashing quarterback Christian Ponder, which led to his being dealt

-Arif is already looking for replacements for Harvin. Hopefully, free agency and the draft will bring us the answers

-Then, in a non-Harvin story, Steve Hutchinson. . .who introduced the words "poison pill" to the National Football League seven years ago, announced that he would be retiring.

Around the rest of the interwebs, there are various takes from the local beat writers on the trade of Percy Harvin, including stuff from Tom Pelissero, Tom Powers, Ben Goessling, Bob Sansevere, Chip Scoggins, Dan Wiederer, VikesCentric (from the Star-Tribune), and Patrick Reusse.

As I said, there's going to be a separate thread for the start of free agency coming later on. Things will kick off at 3 PM Central time, so anticipate the thread going up an hour or so before that. In the meantime, for your ambient music. . .well, it's a new era for the Vikings starting today. You know where you are?


With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. As always, no politics, no religion, and no bad language. We'll certainly have some more for you in the hours as free agency approaches.