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Vikings Free Agency: Brian Urlacher Reportedly Talking With The Vikings

The opening hours of free agency for the Vikings can best be described as anywhere from stunning to depressing. That might change, and soon.

Brian Urlacher is talking with the Vikings. I'm stunned, too
Brian Urlacher is talking with the Vikings. I'm stunned, too
Jonathan Daniel

I don't know about you guys, but between Percy Harvin verbally bitch slapping Christian Ponder and Antoine Winfield getting unceremoniously shown the door, a pall had come over me regarding the Vikings and free agency in 2013.

That changed with this little ditty of a tweet that I re-tweeted...pardon my French, in advance:

Whoa. From a pure football sense, it's a good short term move. By re-signing Erin Henderson, the Vikings probably have signaled they're moving on from last year's MLB Jasper Brinkley, and Urlacher, even at his age and injury history, is still a lot better than him, anyway. And it gives the Vikings an opportunity to replace the veteran leadership they lost when they cut Winfield while drafting a MLB that they can groom to take over in a year.

But Urlacher is obviously on the downside of his career, and has battled some significant injuries the last few years. He's not the dominant player he was, and this would remind me in a lot of ways of the Greg Biekert signing from about 10 years ago--Biekert came in and played well for a year and helped stabilize a bad position.

And of course, the collateral damage this would cause my Bears fans friends is something one can't really put a value on, can you? Seriously, between Brett Favre in 2009 and the possibility of Brian Urlacher now, I'm just awash in Schadenfreude. Glorious, wonderful Schadenfeude.

Even if Urlacher does re-sign with the Bears...and really, I would be STUNNED if he signed with Minnesota...the fact that for just a few minutes the thought of Urlacher in purple made my brother vomit is something that will warm my heart until the end of my days. Can I describe my feelings in under 140 characters? Yes, yes I can: