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Vikings Storm (And Sign) Matt Cassel

The Minnesota Vikings didn't let the former New England and Kansas City QB stay unemployed for long.

Meet your newest Vikings quarterback.
Meet your newest Vikings quarterback.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE #1: Tom Pelissero is told that it's a two-year deal and $4 million per year is "at least a little high". So it sounds like the originally speculated $3 million salary should be pretty close. Stay tuned.

While you were waiting on the Vikings to sign a wide receiver like Greg Jennings, the NFL quarterback carousel just kept spinning.

Matt Cassel's butt probably still smarts from where the door hit him on the way out of Kansas City--it hasn't even been a full day since he was released by the Chiefs. Of course the signing of Alex Smith made Cassel expendable and expensive, which is always a bad combination. (The Chiefs also signed Chase Daniel to a three-year contract just to make sure the writing was on the Cassel wall, pun intended.)

But Cassel didn't stay unemployed for long. On Thursday afternoon, professional news breaker Jay Glazer's six simple tweeted words explained that the quarterback had already found a new home:

I'm sure that this move will be met with its fair share of vitriol, but allow me to attempt to defend the move.

Before you start screaming at me, I know that Cassel's play has often been as consistent and odorous as an infant's diaper since his breakout season in 2008 with the Patriots. I'm not going to argue with that. However, he's coming to a team that just saw Joe Webb start a playoff game. I shouldn't have to tell you that this tragedy must never happen again. Webb had his shot at backup quarterback and it didn't work out in spectacular fashion. The Vikings needed a new backup to Christian Ponder, plain and simple.

If the early estimates from Vikings beat writers are accurate, this backup probably won't break the bank either. Tom Pelissero figures that Cassel should fall into the $3 million per year range, which is a solid deal for someone that is capable of a spot start if Ponder can't go due to injury (or heaven forbid poor play).

Still not convinced that Cassel is a decent solution at backup? Well, you might be right. I'm not going to go into full-on homer mode over defending this move. It could definitely blow up in the Vikings' face. But in my opinion it sure is better than what we had in place before Cassel signed.

And don't underestimate the fun of all the "Castle/Cassel" headline puns for crappy writers like me. For instance:

  • There's A New (Vi)King In The Cassel
  • Minnesota's Favorite NES Game: CasselMania
  • Is "He" the "Man" in Cassel Greyskull?

Plus we get to refer to our old friend Borat every time we mention his name. See, it's fun!


Let us know what you think of the Vikings' latest move in the comments. I'm sure we'll get some interesting feedback on this one.