Mock Draft

Let me know what use think.

This mock draft has Jennings signing for us.

1, Keenan Allen WR Californa

He a play maker who can do a lot after the catch him and Jennings make our throwing game more to think about.

1, Arthur Brown ILB Kansas State

I would be happy with Ogletree as well but i do like Brown a bit more and can see him fitting in better.

2, Barrett Jones OG/C Alabama

More mock drafts and videos i have watched i seen him slide down because of his position i think and he a 1st round talent. This pick makes our OL very good and helps the run game and ponder out.

My 2nd option tho would be a DT Kawann Short but i think Barrett is a much better long term player.

3, Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern State.

Need to boost our DL and i do like the idea of a Williams Wall again.

4, Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU.

Mock drafts have him going 3rd round but late, but his off field issues i can see him slipping into the 4th where he is a must take in my eyes he is a risk but he has the skill so lets take that risk.

4, Kenjon Barner RB Oregon.

Peterson cant do it all and Gerhart is a more of a pound RB. So Barner RB who can line as a WR or catch out of the back field.

5, Zeke Motta S Notre Dame

Help our depth in the secondary and is a good play to be back up and develop.

6, Marquess Wilson WR Washington State.

A good young WR to develop and battle for the 3rd spot with Simpson and Wright.

7, Blaize Foltz OG TCU.

He is very strong and could be a great fit for us with having a great running game to open gaps. HE needs to develop some more i think but this late in the draft he worth taking.

the rest of the 7th round picks i can see being traded away for next year.

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