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Free Agency: Details On Greg Jennings Contract Emerge


While the press conference to introduce Greg Jennings is going on at Winter Park, some of the details about his new deal are starting to emerge.

Per ESPN's Josina Anderson on the Twitter, the deal is a five-year, $47.5 million contract with approximately $18 million guaranteed. That means that Jennings will turn 34 during the final year of his contract if he stays for the entire length of the deal. Not sure how the contract is structured as far as front-loaded/back-loaded, but I'm sure more details on that will come out as we go forward.

That's pretty decent money for Jennings, but he also represents the best receiver that the Vikings have had in years. If he can stay healthy, he's going to be a huge addition to the Minnesota offense. He missed plenty of games last year with different injuries, but over the last four games of the season, he had 20 catches for 242 yards and three touchdowns, including an eight catch, 120-yard, two touchdown performance against the Vikings in the regular season finale.

He's also pretty much destroyed the Vikings over the course of his career. In 14 career games against Minnesota, Jennings has caught 65 passes for 964 yards and 10 touchdowns. That's an average of about 14.8 yards/catch. Thankfully, the Vikings don't have to worry about finding a way to cover him any more.

You have to think that the opportunity to play with Adrian Peterson was a big draw for Jennings. He obviously has a lot of respect for the NFL MVP as a player, and teams that face the Vikings are going to have to think twice about loading up the box with Jennings on the outside. . .again, if he can stay healthy.

Oh, and for those of you jersey junkies out there, apparently Jennings is going to wear #15 with the Vikings, not #85. The number 85 currently belongs to the rehabbing Greg Childs (though I think that Jennings has the pocket money now to "purchase" it if he wants to. . .it just doesn't sound like he wants to).

Pretty big day for us here in Viking Nation, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to all of you that have come to the site today to get news about this huge signing.