New Uniforms? Embrace the Future, Respect the Past

Based on a couple of articles by Kevin Seifert from the ESPN NFC North blog, there have been a few signs pointing to the Vikings getting new uniforms this year. The first sign came when Vikings jerseys went on sale along with Jaguars and Dolphins jerseys. This wasn't enough to convince me since they may have been on sale due to the updated Norseman logo.

The second clue makes me think that something is happening. The Vikings have a promotion to pre-order Greg Jennings' #15 jersey, but they only show a cropped image of his name and number. If you go to the Vikings Locker Room, you'll see all the other images aren't cropped.

Now, I realize if the Vikings are getting new jerseys this year that the designs are already complete, but I'd like to share what I believe they should look like.

Vikings Uniforms

I would love to see a blend of the new and old. I think they should go back to the old design of the jersey, but keep the new helmet and numbers. Personally, I would love to have everything look exactly like the throwback jerseys, but I know that won't happen considering the Norseman logo now matches horns with the current Vikings helmet.

Whatever happens with the jerseys, I'm looking forward to watching the team hit the field this year!

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