So I have been reading and thinking about all the mock drafts out there currently. It seems like the majority say the Vikings are taking a DT and a WR in the first round. Now I am skeptical about that in the first place but for the most part we can all agree our biggest needs are: WR, DT, LB, CB, OG, S in that order.

Another thing that is repeatedly being said about this draft class is that it is a very deep draft class and the quality of players from 10 to 23 doesn't change that much.

I propose that we trade back with one of our first round draft picks. The question is with whom?

Who do you think would be the most likely to want to trade up for a specific player?

San Francisco has 11 picks 1.31 and 2.2 which would be options to move up from

Miami has 9 picks could move up from 2.10

Philadelphia also has 9 picks could move up from 2.3

What teams do you think would be plausible?

I would love to gather another 3rd round pick this draft to add to our group. This way we can address all our needs with higher picks rather than waiting till we get to the late rounds where we have a lot of picks and quality won't be quite as good.

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