NCAA Bracket Challenge

I was going to do one of these once I got home from work today, but it appears that CCNorseman has saved me the trouble. Awesome! - Chris

Hey Everyone!

This will likely only interest any college basketball fans, so I apologize if this isn't appropriately "Minnesota Vikings". But, if you're interested in participating in the Yahoo NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge, then go ahead and join the group I just created! It's a private group, intended just for us Daily Norsemen folks, so click here and select "Join Group" and then enter the following info:

Group ID: 139468
Password: skolvikings

This is just for fun with only bragging rights on the line, so the more the merrier! The Deadline to submit your bracket is 12:15pm EDT on Thursday, March 21. If I could get some rec's, then maybe more people can see this! Good luck, and happy picking...

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