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2013 NFL Draft: Vikings Draft Picks Finalized

Now that the compensatory picks in the draft have been finalized, we have the order in which the Vikings will pick next month.


Earlier today, the NFL announced who would be getting any compensatory picks in the upcoming draft, and like most of us figured, the Vikings received none.

But now that those picks have been allocated, we can finalize the pick numbers for all of the Vikes picks in April. They are as follows:

Round One:

23. 23 overall
25. 25 overall (from Seattle Seahawks)

Round Two:

22. 52 overall

Round Three:

21. 83 overall

Fourth Round:

5. 102 Overall (from Detroit Lions)
23. 120 Overall

Fifth Round:

22. 155 Overall

Sixth Round

21. 189 Overall

Seventh Round

7. 213 Overall (from Arizona Cardinals)
23. 229 Overall Minnesota Vikings
25. 231 Overall (from Seattle Seahawks)

That's a total of eleven picks, including the two first round picks. If you've been following the Vikings since at least 2006, you know the Vikings like to do a lot of wheeling and dealing on draft day. Just last year GM Rick Spielman moved down one spot with the third overall pick in a trade with Cleveland, getting Cleveland's fourth overall pick along with their fourth, fifth, and seventh round picks. Moving down one spot still allowed the Vikings to get their guy, USC T Matt Kalil.

Oh, but Spielman wasn't done dealing. Having Cleveland's fourth round pick allowed Spielman to swing a trade with the Baltimore Ravens. He sent Minnesota's original fourth rounder plus their second rounder (35 overall) for the Ravens first round pick (29 overall) to draft S Harrison Smith from Notre Dame.

So with two first round picks, 6 of the first 120, and 11 picks overall, expect the Vikings to be active once again come draft day.