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Someone May Have Helped Jennings Pick Minnesota

Stephen Dunn

It has come to my attention that some people aren't terribly happy with the idea that Greg Jennings signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings this past Friday. But if people are displeased now. . .well, this story from the folks at Viking Update probably isn't going to help.

Monday morning in an interview with Vikings play-by-play man Paul Allen on KFAN radio, Jennings said he got clarity on the atmosphere with the Vikings from (Brett) Favre. Jennings played two seasons with Favre in Green Bay before the quarterback was traded to the New York Jets in 2008. In 2009, the Jets released Favre and the Vikings signed him to a two-year deal and he helped lead the Vikings to the NFC Championship game in his first season in purple.

As usual, the Old Gunslinger didn't hold back on his assessment of Minnesota. He and Jennings were actually speaking to one another when the meetings with the Vikings brass began.

"Literally, as I got off the plane and (offensive coordinator Bill) Musgrave walked up to me, I'm on the phone with Brett," Jennings said. "I spoke with Brett two or three times throughout this process. He shot me straight. I knew if there was one person that would shoot straight and tell me exactly what I wanted to hear and things I possibly didn't want to hear, it would be Brett. He did that for me.

Hey. . .whatever it takes, man. Just one more thing for people to be outrageously outraged over, I guess.

Vikings fans are happy that Greg Jennings is here. That's really the most important thing.