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SB Nation Touchdown Of The Year: Last Two Brackets Posted

Adam Bettcher

We finally have the other two brackets in SB Nation's search for the best touchdown of the 2012 NFL season, and once again there are some Vikings. . .current and former. . .to be found.

Of primary interest to Vikings fans is the East regional, where one former member of the Minnesota Vikings is going head-to-head with one of their current members.

The top seed in the region is one that we ooohed and aaahed at all season long, as Percy Harvin makes about six different Tennessee Titans miss en route to a 10-yard touchdown. You can see a clip of it at (since it's better than you're going to find on YouTube).

Harvin is matched up against. . .who else. . .Adrian Peterson, as he blasts the St. Louis Rams on the play I mentioned in yesterdays post. Again, the clip is better than anything you're going to see on YouTube or anywhere else, so here's the link to that.

At the present time, Peterson is pretty much destroying Harvin vote-wise.

Head on over to SB Nation's 2012 NFL Touchdown of the Year page and cast votes for all of your favorites in the present match-ups. Maybe the final can end up being Adrian Peterson vs. Adrian Peterson. That would be kind of cool.