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Minnesota Vikings News And Notes, 3/25


Once again, we kick off another week here at your favorite Minnesota Vikings website with another Open Thread for your discussion pleasure. I'll get the rules out of the way right here at the top this time. No politics, no religion, and not a whole lot of bad language. Other than that, any and every topic is available for you to talk about with your fellow fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

-Arif got a chance to sit down with St. Thomas center Curtis James, a D-III hopeful that is trying to make his way to the big show

-We found out that, because of a scheduling conflict, the world champion Baltimore Ravens will be opening the 2013 season on the road. That means the Vikings won't be part of the season opener.

-We brought you the latest installment of our Mock Draft Database, now featuring four picks instead of just three

-We took a look at what the Vikings' biggest needs are in the post-free agency period, and Ted attempted to match players up to those needs

Yeah. . .it was a bit of a slow weekend around here. Real life seems to be getting in the way a little bit. It happens sometimes.

For your ambient music this week, we have a theme inspired by a couple of our own writers. If you follow Ted on the Twitter (and if you're not. . .for crying out loud, why not), you know that he became a grandfather for the first time over the weekend, which is awesome. In addition, Eric and his wife are expecting their first child right around the time of the 2013 NFL Draft. So, with that, this is "Baby Week" here at DN. . .as in all of the songs we use this week will have the word "Baby" in the title.

And, really, there's only one place to start.

Word to your mother, and so forth.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your Monday, and if anything breaks, we'll have it here for you straight away.