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Redskins To Meet With Winfield Wednesday

Jim McIsaac

Two weeks after his surprising release, former Minnesota Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield is finally going to start visiting some of the NFL's other teams.

Winfield is scheduled to visit the Washington Redskins on Wednesday. The Redskins, contrary to what they generally do, haven't made a lot of noise in the free agent market this off-season, but adding Winfield would be nothing but positive for Washington. The Redskins sported the third-worst pass defense in the National Football League in 2012, and released longtime veteran DeAngelo Hall (which some might argue is addition by subtraction). They're definitely short on corners in the nation's capital.

Reports have been saying that the Vikings want to bring Winfield back into the fold, and linebacker Chad Greenway has said that he will reach out to Winfield in an effort to get him to come back to the purple.

Personally, I'd love to see Winfield back, but I'll still be incredibly surprised if he winds up back with the Vikings. However, if the team does want him back, it looks like they'd better get on their horse.