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Two Vikings On All-Underrated Team

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of all-whatever teams out there, but it's always sort of nice to see guys get recognition that don't always get it. So, when released their "All-Underrated" team for this past season, I checked to see if there were any members of the Minnesota Vikings on it.

Sure enough, there were two. . .one of whom I'm not sure is "underrated" at all, and one that you might not even think is "rated," let alone "underrated."

The first one is a guy that I think we all know is pretty darn good, and that's center John Sullivan.

Sullivan played a hand in Adrian Peterson's incredible success in 2012. In addition to being a fine run blocker, he allowed just 1.5 sacks and was called for one holding penalty all season.

I didn't realize that he had only been called for holding once all season. Of course, not noticing an offensive lineman is a good thing, more often than not.

The other one was a big surprise. . .return man Marcus Sherels.

Nobody seems to know who he is, but Sherels has been solid. He averaged nine yards per punt return and over 26 yards per kick. His punt-return TD in Detroit led the Vikings to a 20-13 victory.

Sherels was really overshadowed by Percy Harvin in the return game, but all things considered, it looks like he's been doing pretty well. Just as long as we don't have to see him on the field at cornerback any more.

Congratulations to Sullivan and Sherels for getting some real recognition this off-season.