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Vikings Invade Ireland


In advance of this year's contest between the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the United Kingdom, several members of our favorite football team took a trip to the Emerald Isle to promote the game and the National Football League.

At a promotional event in Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, three members of the Minnesota Vikings were hanging out with the locals to attempt to generate excitement for the September 29th game at Wembley Stadium. The three players that were there to represent the Vikings were tight end Kyle Rudolph, safety Harrison Smith, and center John Sullivan.

(See, because Dublin is in Ireland, where the people are Irish, and those three guys used to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. What the team and the league did there. . .did you see it?)

Anyway, the players in question got an opportunity to answer some questions for a show named Off The Ball, which (according to their website) is the most popular sports show in Ireland. If you check out the link here, you can check out the audio of that interview. Pretty good stuff, and a nice effort by the Vikings to get some buzz going about their game against the Steelers on September 29.

Tickets for the game are already sold out, but the team has said that they have tickets that they'll be releasing at some point. When that point comes, we'll be sure to let you know.