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Filed under: Bracketology: One Vikings Play Still Alive

We're tournament crazy, it would appear.

We mentioned's search for the Greatest Play in NFL history a little while back, and thus far they've narrowed the field from the initial 64 plays down to the final 16. After seeing six plays that happened against the Vikings and three plays that they executed at the start of the tournament, only one of each remains at this point.

The one that happened against the Vikings is Steve Young's ridiculous touchdown run against the Vikings from October 30, 1988. If you've never seen it before. . .or, heck, even if you have. . .here it is.

Right now, that play is leading the one it's matched up against, the juggling catch from Lynn Swann in Super Bowl X against the Dallas Cowboys.

The play that the Vikings put together that's still in the game is the one that I, personally, thought was the least likely to advance. It's the Randy Moss over-the-shoulder lateral to Moe Williams for a touchdown against the Denver Broncos from 2003. You can see it at the very end of this clip (at about the 5:40 mark). Thanks to reader Dustin Douglas for bringing it to my attention.

That play has a tough task ahead of it if it's going to move forward. . .it's up against the play so incredible that SB Nation named a site after it, the Music City Miracle. It's currently losing by about 6,000 votes.

Head on over to's "Bracketology" and cast your votes for the plays you think should continue in the search for the greatest play in NFL history.