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Report: Wallace Turned Down More Money From Minnesota

Joe Sargent

Well, this is interesting.

Within the first hour of this year's free agency period, former Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver Mike Wallace signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins. The contract was for five years and was worth $60 million. At the time, I thought it was a pretty ridiculous amount of money.

It turns out that the amount of money could have been even more ridiculous. . .had Wallace chosen to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

From just a little bit ago:

To hear Wallace's father tell it, the speedy wide receiver's pay day could have been even higher. Mike Wallace Jr. claims his son actually turned down more money from the Minnesota Vikings. The St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks were among the teams that also showed interest.


"The [Vikings] had come to the point where they were telling him, 'You don't have to live here, just be here during the season,'" Wallace Jr. told the Miami Herald. "He wanted to get out of that snow and cold weather."

So, don't let it be said that the Vikings weren't attempting to spend this off-season. It appears that they most certainly were. In my personal opinion, they dodged a bullet by not getting Wallace and having to "settle" for Greg Jennings (at a significantly lower price tag, apparently) instead. We'll see if time bears that out.