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Some Skepticism About The Vikings' Wallace Interest

Joe Sargent

So, apparently all it takes for some news to happen about this team is for me to have the nerve to fall asleep for a few hours.

As Eric told you earlier on in the day, the Minnesota Vikings have been named as one of the two primary suitors for wide receiver Mike Wallace, late of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Some people, such as myself (and apparently ESPN 1500's Judd Zulgad) have expressed skepticism over the Vikings going hard after a big-name receiver in free agency, and with good reason. After the "all-in" push of 2009 and 2010, the Vikings have been a bit reluctant to spend in free agency, choosing instead to try to build a roster that's built more for the long haul through the NFL Draft.

There was also a story that came up during the day today that says that the Miami Dolphins, the other potential team in the Wallace derby, prefer Wallace to former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings. Jennings has been long thought to be a target of the Dolphins because of his relationship with coach Joe Philbin, who was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay before taking the Miami job. However, the article says that the Dolphins really aren't that interested in Jennings after all. I don't know if that's silly season smoke and mirrors or anything like that, but if it comes down to a bidding war between the Dolphins and the Vikings. . .well, Miami has significantly more space under the salary cap to play with than Minnesota does.

The other potential issue deals with the main issue the Vikings have been dealing with since December, that being the status of receiver Percy Harvin. If you think Harvin has an issue with his contract now, just watch what happens when the Vikings back a big armored truck full of cash up to Mike Wallace's door. And yes, I know that Harvin (or sources around Harvin) have said that it's "not about the money." People who have been watching this sort of thing know that when an athlete says that it's "not about the money". . .yeah, it's about the money. That said, with all things being equal. . .if I had to choose between giving a ton of money to Mike Wallace and giving a ton of money to Percy Harvin, I'd probably have to lean towards Harvin.

Even with all of the reports being bandied about, I would still be shocked if Mike Wallace (or Greg Jennings) was wearing purple and gold by this time next week. Pleasantly shocked, but shocked none the less. The Vikings have too many other concerns at this point, and spending that kind of money just doesn't fit with what the current regime generally does when it comes to building this roster.

What say you, ladies and gentlemen?