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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 3/7

Joe Sargent

Welcome to Thursday, fellow Minnesota Vikings fans, as we bring you your daily hangout for talking about whatever you might want to discuss with your fellow Vikings fans.

We did actually get a little bit of excitement yesterday, as it was mentioned that Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver Mike Wallace just might be a target of our favorite football team in free agency after all. Eric broke the original story, and I came by later on to express a bit of skepticism about the whole thing.

Looking at some other Vikings' links from around the web. . .

-Apparently the owner of the New York Yankees is a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Who knew?

-If you haven't heard, the Vikings have a need at the wide receiver position

-Some folks think that purple should be the state color of Minnesota for reasons other than the Vikings

-Judd Zulgad doesn't think the Vikings are going to spend big in free agency, despite the Wallace reports

Getting back to our theme for the week, here's another personal favorite television theme song for your ambient music.

The song also makes for a great answering machine message. . .you know, for both of you out there that still use an answering machine.

And, with that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Thursday, everyone. If anything comes across the wire, we'll have it here for you as soon as we're able. And, as always, no religion, no politics, and ixnay on the bad anguagelay.