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You Down With MVP? Yeah, You Know Me!

As you may have deduced from my Weird Al Yankovic fandom, there are few things I like more than a well-done parody song. Thankfully, during this long, slow period in the news cycle, a bunch of Vikings fans have done just that.

The same folks behind the Adrian Peterson "Draft Me Maybe" video from this past fantasy football season have done it again with another tribute to the National Football League's best player, with this one being set to the tune of Naughty by Nature's great old-school rap song "O.P.P."

(By the way, want to feel old? The original song was released nearly 22 years ago. I was in the ninth grade. Yeah. . .it's been a while.)

So, kick back and enjoy some platitudes for the National Football League's 2012 Most Valuable Player. We will hopefully have some more for you here shortly here at your favorite Minnesota Vikings website.