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Saturday Free Agency Open Thread


We're well into the "legal tampering" phase of the 2013 National Football League's free agency period, and while news has been scarce to this point, there have been a couple of trickles here and there.

Nothing concerning the Minnesota Vikings yet, of course, but that's to be expected. Maybe we'll start hearing a few things before too much longer.

One of the more surprising things is that the Vikings have not yet resigned any of their in-house free agents. We've talked about what the Vikings should do with offensive tackle Phil Loadholt, and while nobody thought that putting the franchise tag on him was a good idea, it was widely thought that the team should keep him around. The team will also likely look to re-sign fullback Jerome Felton, but other than that it's hard to tell who, if anyone, the team will keep around.

We also haven't heard much about the Vikings' restructuring any contracts for cap relief. The chief players in that area would be defensive end Jared Allen, defensive tackle Kevin Williams, and cornerback Antoine Winfield. They're all making a lot of money and not getting any younger, so they could be asked to do something with their contract to help the team out.

In any event, we can use this thread to talk about anything that might happen in free agency today, whether it's with the Vikings or any other team/player that catches your eye. Have at it, everyone!