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Ponder and Steele Say, "I Do"--Again

Months after their December wedding at a Wisconsin courthouse, Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele have a wedding ceremony with their friends and family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Christian Ponder's getting married, again.
Christian Ponder's getting married, again.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally happened. Samantha Steele has finally had the lovely and elaborate wedding ceremony she missed out on when the ESPN reporter slipped off to the St. Croix County courthouse in Hudson, Wisconsin with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder to get married on Monday, December 17, 2012.

Although love couldn't wait back in December, custom-made wedding gowns and eight-course candle-lit dinners take time and the fairytale, black-tie ceremony showed that it was time well-spent.

This time around, Ponder and Steele exchanged vows in the bride's hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. The romantic midnight ceremony (to help maintain the couple's privacy) took place at a secluded garden venue nestled at the base of South Mountain before an intimate gathering of their family and friends. The couple thought an outdoor ceremony fitting since Ponder's proposal to Steele was written out in Christmas lights on his deck.

In an interview about their December marriage, Ponder said how he "didn't even use a question mark" when he proposed to Steele because, "It was a statement. She had no options." Steele, however, had a few laughs at her husband's expense saying, "I still don't know if I technically accepted a proposal, because I don't remember any question ever."

Considering Steele has said "I do" to Ponder twice, he probably isn't too worried.

Since their December marriage, Steele has repeatedly stated that she is not pregnant, a point she visually punctuated. The bride flaunted her chic style (and lack of baby-bump) and wore a body-skimming Carolina Herrera lace sheath dress in antique ivory for her walk down the aisle. She carried a dainty bouquet of Queen Anne's lace, and wore her grandmother's platinum locket to exchange vows before the gathering of family and friends. The groom traded his usual workout clothes for a classic Armani tux.

Several of Ponder's teammates, not present for his December wedding, were in attendance for this ceremony. Vikings offensive linemen, who had jokingly referred to Ponder as "Mr. Steele" when word of the couple's relationship first came to light in the fall, presented him with a set of towels sporting the quarterback's "new" monogram.

When asked for a comment, a Vikings public relations representative said, "Why are you calling me in the middle of the night? And how exactly did you get this number? It's April Fool's Day--for the love of all that is holy, don't take this report seriously."

Our best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Christian Ponder. And, happy April Fool's Day!