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What Do You Want From The Vikings' New Uniforms?

As Eric told you a few days ago, the Minnesota Vikings will be revealing new uniforms on the first night of the 2013 National Football League Draft on April 25. Speculation has started to run rampant about what the Vikings will be doing to change from the uniforms that they introduced around the time of the 2006 NFL Draft, fueled by a social media-driven website that the team has put together to give people hints as to what's to come.

Personally, I have a few of my own ideas about what I'd like to see from the uniforms.

1) The uniforms going back to the "deeper" shade of purple that they were prior to the last change. You can see the shade I'm talking about on the jersey that Jared Allen is wearing in the link to Eric's article above. While the purple on the current jerseys isn't awful or anything like that, I think the sentiment that most folks have is that the darker purple just makes for a better look.

1a) Those gawd-awful yellow collars on the current purple jerseys. No. No. Just. . .no. Stop it with that, seriously.

2) The helmets should have more of a "matte" finish, rather than the shiny sort of finish that they have now. I've topped this post with a picture of the Minnesota Golden Gophers' new helmets (courtesy of our friends at The Daily Gopher) to sort of illustrate what I mean. If the uniforms are going to be a darker shade of purple, moving the helmets to more of a matte, "rough" finish would be a nice addition to that, I think.

3) Purple pants. . .but not necessarily with the purple jerseys. I don't know if I'm as jazzed about the "all-purple" look as I used to be, but I do definitely think that, with the road whites, the purple pants would be a good look as opposed to the "all-white" set-up the Vikings have for road games at the present time.

4) Black shoes for everybody. Why? Heck, why not?

What do you all want to see from the Vikings' new uniforms? Feel free to speculate away!