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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 4/10


We've hit another hump day, ladies and gentlemen, and with it comes your Open Thread for today. The rules for the Open Thread are the same as always. . .no politics, no religion, and keep the bad language to a minimum.

Unfortunately, all we had for you yesterday was the Pro Day workout for California wide receiver Keenan Allen, which was live tweeted by James Dator of Cat Scratch Reader.

Some stuff from other outposts across the internet. . .

-Niners Nation has gotten to both of the Minnesota Vikings' first-round picks in their Community Mock Draft. You can see the 23rd pick here and the 25th pick here.

-Pride of Detroit has also gotten to the first of the Vikings' two first-round selections.

-The Vikings have purchased some real estate from the Pohlad family.

-The state of Minnesota is considering taxing Vikings' jerseys and other merchandise in connection with funding the new stadium.

-Apparently running back Adrian Peterson still isn't 100% following off-season hernia surgery. I have a feeling he'll be just fine soon enough.

Your ambient music for today is right here.

That's what we have for you to this point in the day, folks. We'll have some more good stuff for you as the day moves along.