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Daily Norseman Live Community Draft: Slick Like Rick

Last week, we held a community mock draft to run approximately two rounds (we ended up with three!), and this week, we'll hold another. Sign up for your team as soon as possible to get started trading.

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

We're hosting another community mock draft for the weekend. We'll coattail on the success of last week's attempt by creating a new one, but with trades. To rehash:If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a community mock, it's simple: commenters and fans sign up to be a GM of a particular team, and submit their picks via the comment system.

The mock draft will take place on Saturday, at 12PM Central Standard Time and will last two rounds. Be sure to sign up for the mock draft in the comments, and we can simulate a draft to see how decisionmaking works for a GM. If there's enough demand for it and enough user interest, we can hold additional rounds.

Here are the rules:

- Picks are made by the person assigned to each team and that person only.

- Users get up to seven minutes per pick (except for the Vikings), and the clock starts when I announce that someone is on the clock.

- Users should not submit a pick until the announcement is made.

- For the teams without a rep or if the time runs out, I'll be making the pick.

- If I or the community think you're throwing your pick, I will make a new pick and you're done.

- If you fear you'll miss your pick, send me a big board - arifmhasan(at)

- No one will be the team representative for the Vikings. When the Vikings are on the clock, users should chime in with their ideas and why they like those picks. That discussion shouldn't last too long, and will be used to select the Vikings' picks.

- I received some criticism for subjectively picking the Vikings' pick in these mocks. That is OK with me, as I didn't claim it was objective and I wanted to move beyond simple votes. I hope that I'm at least relatively objective in evaluating arguments, and twice selected a player for the Vikings I would not have selected on my own. Besides, a community discussion is more engaging than pure voting, in my opinion.

- Trades will be submitted via the comment threads, although no trade is official until I announce it. Trades can start as soon as possible. If you want to backchannel in order to negotiate (email people) that is encouraged. Many users have their email address listed on their profile page (which is embedded to prevent spambots from trawling the email address), so you may be able to contact them directly.

- In order to prevent trades from clogging up comment threads, I will create a new page for trade negotiations and announcements to occur, although I will provide the final announcement in any official pick threads.

- Any trades that fall outside of 100 points of the Jimmie Johnson-derived NFL value chart will be rejected. I understand that there are at least two other value charts that better "price" picks, but the Johnson chart has historically most closely resembled actual trades. I will arbitrarily determine if trades with any players will be rejected. Any trades of future picks will be discounted by half in terms of point value unless there's a good reason not to ("we're selling the farm and expect to have a lower pick than this year," for example).

- On the official trade threads, users should chime in to appropriate trading strategies for the Vikings, which teams they want to target and why. I will handle the final trades for the Vikings in that thread and make the announcements. GMs of other teams are strongly encouraged to keep their teams' interests in mind when trading, especially when trading with the Vikings.

- Trading can begin as soon as I throw up the official trading thread. Any owners who have franchises can begin dealing. Please no trade negotiations in the official pick thread (you can indicate you are willing to trade, but not name a price, etc.)

This is the trade thread:


1 Kansas City Chiefs: vikesully
2 Jacksonville Jaguars: DJ Holm
3 Oakland Raiders: MarkSP18
4 Philadelphia Eagles: King VI
5 Detroit Lions: (odark30)
6 Cleveland Browns: vikedawg
7 Arizona Cardinals: cbspga
8 Buffalo Bills: e.vogel15
9 New York Jets: MRVIKE
10 Tennessee Titans: Mondo Peregrino
11 San Diego Chargers: Soberish_Vikesfan
12 Miami Dolphins: Austin Blanch
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Zach_Bodenner
14 Carolina Panthers: purple packer eater
15 New Orleans Saints:
16 St. Louis Rams: mike.longcoy
17 Pittsburgh Steelers: Jimemort
18 Dallas Cowboys :
19 New York Giants: goatman02
20 Chicago Bears: vikiesguy1417
21 Cincinnati Bengals: Ty,TheVikesGuy
22 Washington Redskins: SkolKing81
23 Minnesota Vikings: community
24 Indianapolis Colts: statue_left
25 Seattle Seahawks: K0N
26 Green Bay Packers: RelicS13
27 Houston Texans: CCNorseman
28 Denver Broncos: RedHat16
29 New England Patriots: everythingispurple
30 Atlanta Falcons: NotASockPuppet
31 San Francisco 49ers: UGAVike
32 Baltimore Ravens: jdon76

Sign up below!

Once you sign up, be sure to check out the team needs, compiled by Walter Football.