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Holy Hell Batman!

I knew LSU's drug rules were... lax, but this is insane.

Someone needs to photoshop this so that a puff of smoke is coming out of his mouth.
Someone needs to photoshop this so that a puff of smoke is coming out of his mouth.

I'm an LSU homer. Not on the level that Ted is for OSU, admittedly- I didn't attend LSU, it's just a familial lineage thing. But even with that, I'll be the first to admit that LSU isn't exactly the best program for youth with drug issues.

But Holy Freaking Crap.

A report on ProFootballTalk is claiming that Tyrann Mathieu, AKA The Honey Badger, failed more than ten drug tests before being kicked off the team. According to that story, he told an NFL team's scout that, when queried on how many he had failed, he quit counting after hitting double digits.

First off, I am actually going to give kudos to Mathieu here. The fact that he was honest about something that boggles the mind, without any real need to do so (he could have just said "I failed 3"... it's not like LSU is going to suddenly pipe up and go "no way, we let him fail like 14 before we kicked him out!") really speaks volumes to me. I know many will disagree, but I take that as a sign that he truly has turned a chapter and is ready to move forward past that shameful part of his history.

The Vikings took a chance with someone who reportedly had issues with marijuana (Mathieu's drug of choice) before- Percy Harvin, of course. While that union obviously ended somewhat prematurely this off-season, he too had clearly moved on from that, as for all his issues in the NFL that was never one of them.

Should the Vikings take the chance that Mathieu, should he be available at a reasonable pick, has really matured past this? It's obviously an eye-opener for how serious of a problem he had, but it too at least sounds like that's now in the past, and for good.

As a side note, remember how I commented that Brad Wing being suspended for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl was a bigger red flag than it normally is? Yeah, this should really highlight that. Honestly, I'm pretty damn ashamed of LSU for letting something as ridiculous as that continue to happen.

But anyways. What do you take from this, fellow Viking fandom? Is this open and honest admission on his part a good sign, or is it just proof that the character issues outweigh the talent?