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Curtis James is a Classroom Hero

To continue the story on Curtis James we did a few weeks ago, 2nd grade students in Arizona have determined that he is one of their classroom heroes.

Do you remember Curtis James? He's the center from the University of St. Thomas I wrote about a month ago.

Aside from training even when snowed out of his facility, a group of second-graders in Arizona have decided that Curtis is one of their classroom heroes. They sent him a series of letters explaining why, which he detailed in a facebook post:

Got a series of letters from Ms. Buhler's second grade class today!! Apparently I got a group of fans down in AZ! I am one of their "classroom heroes." LOVED reading them! Apparently I win a lot of games, am always making touch downs, pancaked someone before, get $1000 for playing football, and have the same name as Emily's Mom's friend!! And apparently these kids were very eager to share their wealth of knowledge about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Haha Talk about a perfect way to start my week!!

Which would have been nice enough, but Curtis decided to respond:

If that isn't your thing, you could of course look at some more training at ETS:

And of course when Minnesota snow makes it impossible to enter the facility because your training staff is held up: