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NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Talks, You Can Listen


Most anyone that's read the site for a while knows of the affinity that we have here for Mike Mayock. Not only was he awesome doing color commentary for Vikings' pre-season games up until this past year, but he also helps the NFL Network have the best draft coverage out there. (In my opinion.)

Well, being a week out from the 2013 NFL Draft, we all have an opportunity to listen to Mayock give us some wisdom about the upcoming selection meeting, as his conference call today is going to be streamed live on

The call will kick off at noon Central time. In order to listen, all you need to do is point your browser to The stream will also include highlight packages of prospects, as well as graphics detailing the needs of each NFL team.

You can also participate in the call through the Twitter by sending questions to @InsideNFLMedia. Just make sure to include the hashtag #AskMayock to ensure it gets routed properly.

This is a pretty cool opportunity to hear some insight from one of the best draft minds out there as we get closer to the big day. Hopefully plenty of folks will get an opportunity to hear it, and hopefully we can get some insight into the Minnesota Vikings' draft plans.