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Daily Norseman At The Draft


The National Football League draft is rapidly approaching, and we are happy to report that your favorite Minnesota Vikings' website will be in the same position that they were in last year, and will hopefully be in for many years to come.

Yes, as we had last season, we will have folks at Winter Park to cover the 2013 Minnesota Vikings' draft. If you'll recall, we sent Eric and Ted to cover all of the festivities last year, and a pretty damn good time was had by all. This year, we hope to have even more stuff to bring you.

At this point, we're not 100% sure who will be representing us at the draft, but we'll have all of that straightened around soon enough, I think. But, as with all of the success that this site experiences, we have all of you to thank. If not for all of you folks making The Daily Norseman a regular part of your Vikings' news routine, we would not have gotten to this point, and without you guys, there isn't a Daily Norseman or an SB Nation or anything else of that nature. So, a big thank you to you folks as well.

The 2013 NFL Draft will be kicking off from New York City in a little less than 143 hours from right now. . .you know, not that we're counting or anything. . .and we're going to be there for the second year in a row, providing the sort of coverage that you, our readers, deserve. Hopefully you'll all be here on draft day to share in it.