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TiqIQ Takes An Early Look At Vikings Tickets

Why this picture? Heck, I don't know. . .why not?
Why this picture? Heck, I don't know. . .why not?
Adam M. Bettcher

The following is a sponsored post from our friends at TiqIQ.

The 2013 NFL schedule is now open to the public, meaning it's time for TiqIQ to analyze the top-priced Minnesota Vikings tickets for the 2013 schedule of games as well as the games with the best value buys.

Minnesota had a strong bounce-back season in 2012, as Adrian Peterson bounce backed from a nightmarish knee injury to be the driving force behind an unlikely playoff appearance. Not only did Peterson come just nine yards shy of the single-season rushing record, but his gaudy stats meant even more because they helped lead to wins.

While the Vikings came up short in their lone playoff game in 2012 due to a Christian Ponder injury, they now have momentum heading into 2013. If Ponder can progress and Peterson can bring even 75% of what he had last season, the Vikings could once again make some serious noise in the NFC North.

Peterson arguably makes every Vikings game worth watching or attending, but TiqIQ will lean in a little closer and take a look at their top-priced games, as well as some of their cheaper home contests:

Vikings Home Avg: $159

Vikings Top-Priced Games For 2013

· Week 4 vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Avg price: $484 | Get-in: $159)
· Week 8 vs Green Bay Packers (Avg price: $230 | Get-in: $103)
· Week 13 vs Chicago Bears (Avg price: $178 | Get-in: $66)

Vikings Top Value Games For 2013

· Week 3 vs Cleveland Browns (Avg Price: $121 | Get-in Price: $29)
· Week 6 vs Carolina Panthers (Avg Price: $116 | Get-in Price: $29)

In the end, the Vikings probably need Peterson to be a beast again to be above average in 2013. That's not asking for as much as it sounds like, though, since Peterson has been a beast throughout his career - provided he's healthy. There was something more than determination for Peterson last year, though. He's more like a man possessed. If he keeps on down that path and stays healthy, anything is possible for the Vikes.