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Are You On Twitter? Do You Dislike Draft Spoilers?

I didn't know what picture to put here, so I just went with my typical default- Adrian Peterson.
I didn't know what picture to put here, so I just went with my typical default- Adrian Peterson.

Because if so, please be very aware that Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports (@JasonLaCanfora) is probably someone you should unfollow by Thursday afternoon at the latest (many have already begun to do so, just to be safe). As he himself recently pointed out on Twitter, now that he works for CBS, he is not bound by any rules to prevent tips or spoilers in the draft, should he come across information earlier than it's announced. Which, considering it's Jason La Canfora, is likely to happen a few times.

Say what you will about that- I personally don't think he should do it, regardless of who he works for, but at least he's being forward and open about it. He has given about as much warning as he can, and he himself even suggested that people unfollow him if they don't want to see it. Which, I suppose, is fair enough. Maybe you WANT to know draft picks before they're announced; I find that bizarre but to each their own.

Is there anyone else out there who is a risk for tipping draft picks? Analysts with ESPN and NFL Network are generally safe, as they have an agreement with the league to prevent spoilers after complaints in recent years. Post away here if there are others who should be unfollowed, and every once in a while I'll come along and edit this to include them.

And if you're not on Twitter, by the way, check it out. You're missing, first off, my (often drunken) ramblings and hissy fits, which I promise will flow on Thursday (@KJSegall). Of course, I suppose you've also been missing Eric's excellent uniform-clue coverage (@eric_j_thompson), Ted's (often drunken) ramblings (but generally he doesn't throw hissy fits- @purplebuckeye), Chris' own management of the main account, giving his insight and analysis as well as immediate links to new DN stories (appropriately enough, @dailynorseman), Arif's typically incredible breakdown of situations (seriously, there's even more of it on Twitter than just what you see in his stories- @ArifHasanDN), and even the occasional appearance by Mark (@MarkSP18) offering his draft analysis. Skol Girl is anti-social and doesn't have Twitter. But she DOES man our Facebook page, and again, there's a lot more on there than just what you see here, so if you haven't liked "The Daily Norseman" on Facebook, then you're doing the internet wrong.

Yes that last paragraph was a rehash of this story here. I don't care, you should all be made constantly aware. And again, if you are already on Twitter, be sure to unfollow @JasonLaCanfora pre-draft (unless of course you want the spoilers), and let me know in the comments who else should be added here.