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2013 NFL Draft: Round Three Open Thread


Alright, in order to make sure that the thread doesn't start to lag, we're going to move the third round over here.

The second round saw a couple of the draft's bigger slides stop, with Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o being selected by the San Diego Chargers and West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith being taken by the New York Jets.

In reacting to the Smith selection, current Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez is said to have thrown his remote control at his television set. He missed it by three yards.

Is there a chance that the Vikings do something to move back up into this round? I don't know. . .the team still has five picks remaining (a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, and two sevenths), but I don't know if there's anyone that intrigues Rick Spielman enough to use some of those picks to move up in the selection order.

Whatever happens, we'll have everything here for you as soon as it does.