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2013 NFL Draft: Fifth Round Open Thread

"You need a REALLY big hat to hold all that hair."
"You need a REALLY big hat to hold all that hair."

Four more picks remaining for the Minnesota Vikings in the 2013 NFL Draft, as the team snagged linebacker Gerald Hodges from Penn State University in the fourth round at 120 overall.

Minnesota's pick in this fifth round is at #155 overall, and there are a few places they could look at. They could look at guard, possibly at another receiver, could be a project quarterback. . .or is this the round where the Minnesota Vikings do something similar to what they did last year and grab a punter to possibly replace Chris Kluwe?

After this, the Vikings will still have a sixth round pick and back-to-back picks in the seventh round, unless Rick Spielman decides to try to jump around the board a little bit.

Wherever the Vikings pick, we will get you as much information as we can on the newest Viking as soon as we have it available. Keep it tuned right here for all the latest on the Minnesota Vikings' 2013 Draft!