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You Grade The Vikings Draft, Because I'm Not Going To

Al Bello

Anyone that's followed the site for any length of time knows that I detest the concept of the "draft grade," particularly the attempt to quantify a draft class before any of them have put on an NFL uniform for the first time. But, as I've emphasized in the past, I know that there are a lot of people that enjoy that kind of thing, so I'm going to give you all an opportunity to let your voices be heard and do just that.

(We'll also be doing a round-up of the various grades the Vikings have received for their draft at some point today to make it easier for everyone to find.)

So, feel free to treat this as the post-draft Open Thread to talk about your impressions of the Minnesota Vikings' draft class of 2013, and the impact that you feel that they'll have on the team this season. Keep the language tame, just like the other Open Threads. We'll have plenty more stuff for you as the day goes along today.