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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Remain Calm, All Is Well

So, you may or may not have heard by now that representative Sean Nienow, who was one of the more vocal opponents of a new Minnesota Vikings' stadium during the debates last year, has plans to introduce legislation to delay construction of said new stadium until certain issues can be addressed.

The primary issue is the revenue being generated. . .or, in this case, not being generated. . .by the new e-pull tabs that have been rolling out across the state.

The state originally projected adding electronic charitable games would generate $35 million in taxes for the stadium project by the end of 2013. That projection was downgraded to $17 million in November and reduced to $1.7 million last month.

Yeah, that's. . .that's not good.

However, even Nienow admits that any efforts to stop, or even stall the construction of the stadium is a long shot at best.

And he's basically right. The stadium is a done deal, and however it ends up being funded, the construction. . .barring something completely out of left field. . .is still going to start with the groundbreaking this fall.

We'd like to apologize to all of the intellectuals out there that thought they were going to have an opportunity to blow the dust off of their old, tired, and. . .as of last May. . .completely useless "Los Angeles Vikings" jokes. I doubt that anybody is harder hit by this news than they are.