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Every Minnesota Vikings Draft Pick. Ever.

Hannah Foslien

Well, with there not being a whole lot in the way of actual news going on, I decided I needed to give you. . .the audience of the internet's favorite Minnesota Vikings website. . .something. Anything, really.

So, after a bit of messing around with some code and getting everything properly formatted, I bring you this.

The complete and sortable listing of every single draft pick ever made by the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, it's not perfect or anything like that yet. . .it gets a little messy after you've sorted things around a bit. And by "messy," I mean that if you sort it by year, it doesn't put the picks back in the order they were made in. Those sorts of things.

But, at the moment, you can use the list to figure out such things as how many players from your alma mater (or any other school, really) the Minnesota Vikings have ever drafted, how many players they've taken at a particular position, every fourth-round pick the team has ever made, and so forth. Hopefully, at some point, something can be figured out to make the data stay aligned in the proper manner.

So, for now, enjoy the start of the database, folks. If you want to access it in the future, you can find it underneath the "Library" tab at the top of the page.