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Patterson To Attend NFLPA Rookie Premiere

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The National Football League Players Association is going to be holding its Rookie Premiere event next week, with 40 members of the rookie Class of 2013 in attendance. The Minnesota Vikings will be represented there as well, as wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson will be among the players attending.

The Rookie Premiere is an event that is heavy on the skill position players. . .only two defensive players will be at the event. In fact, with all the emphasis on defensive and offensive linemen in this year's draft, there will only be six first-round selections in Los Angeles for the Rookie Premiere.

The full list of players that will be there can be found right here, courtesy of Beckett News.

Last year's Rookie Premiere gave us this interview with then-rookie receiver Jarius Wright, which is totally awesome because he TOTALLY ACKNOWLEDGES OUR EXISTENCE.

That was cool.

Anyway, SB Nation is going to have a large presence at the event again this year. So, I'd like to ask you, the readers of the internet's favorite Minnesota Vikings' website. . .if you could ask a question of Cordarrelle Patterson, what would that question be?

I'll pass the questions along to the folks that will be there after we get some gathered up. Hopefully we can get another killer interview with one of the newest Vikings.