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Minnesota Vikings Stadium Reveal Pictures

The Minnesota Vikings had their big stadium reveal on Monday evening, and with it came a few renderings of what the new stadium is going to look like. We've got pictures of the stadium in both baseball and football configurations, as well as shots of the outside. There are two copies of each picture.

All of the pictures come to us courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings, who have been kind enough to give us permission to use them on the site.

Keep in mind, the stadium isn't going to look exactly like this. . .there are going to be things that change as the process moves forward after the October ground breaking. But given the parameters that we were given yesterday at the reveal, this is probably a pretty good approximation.

So, sit back and enjoy the pictures, and whenever news breaks on the stadium, you know where to find it first. We've been following this story every step of the way, and will do so until the stadium opens in 2016.