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Chad Greenway Cracks NFL Network Top 100

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I've never really been a big fan of the NFL Network's "Top 100" list that's become an annual thing. Certainly not since the whole DERPA DERR JOHN KUHN IS BETTER THAN PERCY HARVIN nonsense we got a couple of years ago. But, in a way, it's an interesting thing to look at, and this year saw a fresh Minnesota face break through into the poll.

Linebacker Chad Greenway finds himself on this year's list at #70. He's the first Viking on the list this year. . .we don't count guys that used to play for the Minnesota Vikings. . .and this is the first time he's garnered this recognition.

Greenway has been the leading tackler for the Vikings in each of the last five seasons, which is pretty good for a guy that's been in the National Football League for seven seasons (and missed his entire rookie campaign after tearing an ACL in his first pre-season game back in 2006). Vikings fans have known just how good Greenway is for a long time, and now his peers are recognizing it as well.

The NFL Network's Top 100 is an off-season poll that the league puts together, in which players are asked to rank players based on the season they had, as well as how they think players will do in the upcoming season. Last year's list featured just two Vikings, and they didn't have anyone on the list until it got into the Top 20. Defensive end Jared Allen came in at #13 and running back Adrian Peterson came in at #8 (despite having the first sub-1,000 yard season of his career). I don't know if Allen will make the list this time around, but I'd expect Peterson to be ranked about seven spots higher on this year's list than he was on last year's.

But congratulations to Chad Greenway for earning the recognition of his peers on this year's NFL Network Top 100 list.